Monday, March 23, 2009

city lights

Apologies for the lack of posting. Last week was my spring break and I was running around like mad going to galleries, museums and stores in the city. If any of you ever get a chance to visit NYC please please please stop by Chelsey and visit all the galleries. It is so much fun and it's free! Hmmm... maybe I should do a post of my fav. places to visit and dine in the city??? let me know if you guys would want that.
Also, I am excited because a good friend who's a photography major at Parsons moved into one of their dorms and it is literally a couple of blocks away from the MJ store on Blecker St. !! ayyaayya! I am def. going to be visiting him more often.. hehe.

I also spotted these while buying some Toblerone at Walgreens. I would have loved to have take a pic of her entire outfit (it was pretty epic!) but I was shy :( They're awesome, no?


  1. YES they are awesome!! wow it took me a minute to figure out that they're totally see through and the slipper wasn't part of it haha. hope u had a fun break!

  2. i totally love the shoes! new york is one of my fave cities - hello, why wouldn't it be? - and i would simply LOVE your take on the best of ny!

  3. those shoes are cool
    Love your blog by the way