Wednesday, March 25, 2009

la casa blanca

Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente,
y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te toca.
Parece que los ojos se te hubieran volado
y parece que un beso te cerrara la boca.

Como todas las cosas están llenas de mi alma
emerges de las cosas, llena del alma mía.
Mariposa de sueño, te pareces a mi alma,
y te pareces a la palabra melancolía.

Me gustas cuando callas y estás como distante.
Y estás como quejándote, mariposa en arrullo.
Y me oyes desde lejos, y mi voz no te alcanza:
déjame que me calle con el silencio tuyo.

Déjame que te hable también con tu silencio
claro como una lámpara, simple como un anillo.
Eres como la noche, callada y constelada.
Tu silencio es de estrella, tan lejano y sencillo.

Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente.
Distante y dolorosa como si hubieras muerto.
Una palabra entonces, una sonrisa bastan.
Y estoy alegre, alegre de que no sea cierto.

-Pablo Neruda

Monday, March 23, 2009

city lights

Apologies for the lack of posting. Last week was my spring break and I was running around like mad going to galleries, museums and stores in the city. If any of you ever get a chance to visit NYC please please please stop by Chelsey and visit all the galleries. It is so much fun and it's free! Hmmm... maybe I should do a post of my fav. places to visit and dine in the city??? let me know if you guys would want that.
Also, I am excited because a good friend who's a photography major at Parsons moved into one of their dorms and it is literally a couple of blocks away from the MJ store on Blecker St. !! ayyaayya! I am def. going to be visiting him more often.. hehe.

I also spotted these while buying some Toblerone at Walgreens. I would have loved to have take a pic of her entire outfit (it was pretty epic!) but I was shy :( They're awesome, no?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fantastic Four

My favorite women in fashion right now are:

Erin O' Connor because she pulls of menswear like no ones business. But then again with those long legs and amazing haircut, who wouldn't?

Giovanna Battaglia: I want everything she has ever worn. Somehow she manages to wear the newest trends without looking...well... too trendy. Besides I've never seen anyone work color and patterns so well into an outfit.

Emmanuelle Alt: She is my fashion soul sista :) Her minimalistic style and the way she adapts and transforms basics (e.g. that infamous leather jacket) is simply brilliant. This is a woman who understands the value of good tailoring.

The Olsen Twins: (I know technically they are two but the title of the post would look weird were it the Fantastic Five, no?) They are crazy, cool and everything in between. I mean, seriously, who else could pull off a pimp hat?? MK can.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the jacket

I am lusting after this jacket. First I saw it on Karla from Karla's Closet and I loved the bold shoulders and subdued color. I thought it would look awesome paired with black leather pants so when I spotted this picture I thought- Perfect. Does anyone know if H&M still has this jacket?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Winter is almost gone and I could not be happier. The sunshine looks so lovely after three long months of gray cloudy skies. This spring seems to have been invaded by the color yellow/green or as I call it - Limey. Hate it or love it, it's defenitely cheery. Just what I need after three months of pure black, gray and more black.

From the runway...

To the street.