Sunday, February 22, 2009

a quickie...

So here's a quick outfit post. :D I received a rather unpleasant comment today letting me know that my blog was "unoriginal". At first I was appalled but then I thought- criticism is always a positive , no? The purpose of this blog was not just to post outfits and talk endlessly about my clothes, but rather to share my love of all things concerning- fashion, love, and of course rock &roll (hence the title). I promise to be less insipid and more informative with future posts.

jacket, h&m. shirt and silk pants, express. shoes and necklace, vintage.

PS. Express has the best sheer t-shirts and they are super cheap. PLUS- harem pants on SALE!!

1 comment:

  1. oh BOO to that comment you got...i like your blog!!!! :)

    you look awesome..the fit of the jacket is really cool.

    thanks for your comment
    xxx lM