Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wayyy back when I first discovered Marc Jacobs, this dress was the epitome of my fascination. The swirly lines that transformed into roses and the contrast between girly and a little bit punk quickly became my favorite clothing staple. I just wish I owned this dress. I've looked for it endlessly- without having any luck. :( So for now the best I can do is imitate it's awesomeness (yes,it's a word!) and hope that eventually I will find it.


  1. wow, look at you! I am not into fashion, but i <3 that dress, and you imitate it well. =]


  2. that is an awesome dress...don't give up hope! Someday it could happen and you will rock it! =) Also sweet hair.

  3. I like your imitation better than the dress you are lusting after! That skirt is stunning! and with the bomber- it's perfect! Check out ebay- you never know what you might come across there.


  4. Your skirt is awesome, especially with the leather jacket.