Monday, February 9, 2009

i need a camera pronto!

So my bday wont be until march but i'm already making a list of the things i'm lusting for this year. Granted the list is a little far fetched considering that all my friends are jobless and in debt (college is a bitch!) and my part-time job is not exactly a money maker. However, i have hope that by some miracle my adorable bf might come into some money and buy me a new camera. He usually takes the pics for the blog with his Nikon but he's been busy lately and so the posting inadvertently slows downnn. i still love you bb ;)

ANYWAYS, here are other things i really really want for my bday: (*fingers crossed*)


I would wear my docs with black skinnies, over-sized AA sheer white tank, leather jacket, and studded cuffs. *sighs* just look at how shiny they are...


I've always wanted drop crotch pants but have never found the perfect mix of casual/comfy/chic. These from forever 21 give me hope.


Silk trousers from Victoria's secret in black of course. I'd wear these with some chunky heels, fur chubby, sheer AA white tank, and a simple gold chain.


AND finally, Agy's hair. :D


  1. Pink docs and drop crotch pants? genius!

  2. i totally understand about the whole drop crotch pants issue. i have similar lust for them, but when i went to zara and tried a gajillion pairs on, i was disappointed. thanks for pointing out F21, maybe i'll check it out. i also have feeling i might have good luck with that at urban outfitters...