Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nat in the promised land

I just finished reading an amazing book for one of my classes. It was a little all over the place but in the end everything ties in together so nicely. Check it out: "mona in the promised land" by Gish Jen.

Inspiration for today's outfit: marc by marc jacobs spring '06 with a little bit of geek chic. :)

dress, forever21. sweater and rings, kohls. shoes, thrifted. hat and socks, daffy's. glasses, $5 in the village.


  1. How cool is that im part of your daily dose, you've got an amzing blog beginning here and i am inloe with your header, the vintag feel is driving me insane
    Sex drugs and rock n roll dude!!!

  2. things i love in this blog:
    -your marc jacobs bag
    -the header of the blog
    -your shredded jeans


  3. oh my, you look like you should be in a marc jacobs ad! just obviously add the lighting and the creepiness courtesy of juergen teller.

    i love this look!